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September 23, 2007

That Winning Feeling

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You know that expression when it rains, it pours. This describes how after there has been no rain for a long time, it suddenly rains a lot all at once. Or when once something happens after a long pause, it happens in large amounts.

Well I was looking for an equivalent expression for when it’s sunny it gets erm… sunnier. But I couldn’t find one. Here’s whats happening to me.

It All Started With a Good Run at Party Poker


September 22, 2007

The Tao of Twitter

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This content is summarized from The Tao of Twitter, presented by Ed Dale for the Thirty Day Challenge (with a little sprinkling of Mindel). You can also download the slides.

This is the long awaited explanation of why I (Ed) believe Twitter is good for internet marketers.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a web 2.0 tool that keeps you in touch with other people. This is what it looks like

A lot of people wonder what’s the point? Why would anyone be interested in snapshots of people’s lives? At first glance it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Oh but it does.


September 16, 2007

Web 2.0 – Ignore At Your Peril

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This post summarizes Ed Dale’s latest web 2.0 videos on the Thirty Day Challenge blog (with a little sprinkling of Mindel).

A Worrying Trend

I’ve noticed a worrying trend amongst fellow marketers. They are dismissive of web 2.0 and this will hurt them in the long run.

Let’s take Facebook as an example.


August 31, 2007

Summaries, Diary, Articles and Tips on One Page

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This page has now been coined the summary of summaries. I’ve put all the daily summaries, diary, articles and tips all on the one page so you can find everything you need.

Some of you have also asked me whether I had a minion type up all this content. The answer is no. It’s been me and my nubs, a hot cup of java and the wee hours of the morning. :-)

Click on a summary below to open a new tab in your browser.


Thirty Day Challenge Training

Mike Mindel’s 30 DC Diary

Mike Mindel’s 30 DC Tips

Mike Mindel’s 30 DC Articles

Other 30 DC Resources

Hope you enjoy them!


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Day 30 – The End of the Beginning

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This content is summarized from Day 30 Training for the Thirty Day Challenge, presented by Ed Dale.

The End of the Beginning

This is the end of the beginning. Can you believe its day 30! Where has August gone? It’s not over yet though; there are actually 31 days in both July and August. So you’ve still got a whole day up your sleeve to join the hall of fame.

We’ve smashed the record of last year. Our biggest winner is Bruce Jones who made $8,500 but will go on to make $14,000. The first winner was Jenny Smith on the 18th August for $13.95 followed by 44 other winners as of 30th August 2007 with one day to go.


August 30, 2007

Day 29 – Part III – Yahoo Answers

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This content is summarized from Day 29 Training – Yahoo Answers for the Thirty Day Challenge, presented by Rob Somerville.

Yahoo Answers

Help someone with their question and get a backlink in the process.


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